This PrettyLitter Knew My Cat Was Sick Before My Veterinarian Did

The girl you see in the picture is named Kat, and yes, she’s aware of the fact that she owns a cat as well. Her lovable pet is called Moe, also called Professor Moriearty. Kat loves Moe very much and they both spend their days cuddling with each other.

As Kat explains, she loves Moe, but hates cleaning up his litter box. She’s right – if you own a cat, you know it’s hard (and messy) work. One day, Kat was pointed to PrettyLitter, a revolutionary new cat litter that gives a colorful insight into your cat’s health. Kat didn’t believe it, but still ordered a few bags to see how they stack up to usual cat litter.

The bags were delivered straight to her home and were much smaller than the usual. PrettyLitter doesn’t clump like other brands, so you use less of it. The crystals don’t even need to be scooped out of the box and will absorb all the moisture and odor. You just stir up the litter and scoop out the tiny clumps. There’s almost no dust during the process.

The biggest claim of PrettyLitter is that it helps monitor your cat’s health. If there are any changes in your cat’s urine or feces, the crystals will “light up” in blue or green. Now, Kat wasn’t expecting anything out of the new brand. However, one day she noticed the crystals turned color and took Moe to the vet.

As it turns out, Moe had blood in his urine and a nasty infection. Thanks to PrettyLitter, Kat managed to save Moe from further problems. If you were wondering, the cat is doing fine after a month of therapy.

Get PrettyLitter here, starting at $22 for a one-month supply!

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