The 7 Friendliest Cat Breeds That Even Dog Lovers Appreciate

Everyone knows that felines are generally that perfect combination of sweetness, sass, and spirit, but did you know that there are certain breeds that are known specifically for their friendly demeanor? It’s true!

So if you’re looking for that perfect couch potato partner, or a kitty that will play nice with all of your friends, here are a few of our favorite breeds who are just waiting to mix and mingle.

Side note: Don’t forget about the cats at your local shelter too. By spending some time with those fuzzballs (regardless of the breed), you’ll have the chance to uncover your gem with the personality you’ve been searching for!

Check out these kitties, the friendliest cat breeds around.

1. Burmese

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The curious Burmese is a breed unlike any other—and they are certainly some of the warmest and friendliest kitties around.

But don’t let that soft, sweet exterior fool you. According to The Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA), these cats “soon grow into confident and charming little executives who will rule the house and your heart.”

And capture your heart they do—with a combination of their cuddles, soft purrs, and tendency to groom everything within tongue distance! Just know that if you bring a Burmese into the family you’re going to have an affectionate sidekick for life.

2. Sphynx

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Though they aren’t conventionally cute—in that fluffy, soft kitty way that we’re used to, that is—the Sphynx is the friendliest feline around.

Whether they’re showing off for their family (always the entertainer), or simply snuggling up for an evening in, these kitties love to be the life of the party. They’re also plenty talkative, so expect purrs and chatter when they’re feeling playful or cuddly.

Just don’t forget to keep them safe from chilly or super-hot weather. They don’t have any fur to protect their delicate skin, so it’s our duty to make sure they’re out of harm’s way.

3. Persian

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Looking for a side of fluff with your friendly kitty? Then a Persian cat may be the right fit for you. These quintessential “lap cats” just want to settle in for some scratches and pets—and are more than happy to chill with you for hours.

They’ve even got a soft spot for children and other household animals, which makes them wonderful additions to families.

Though they love just sitting pretty in a sunny, warm spot, they’re also happy to be frisky and playful as well—and it’s this cheerful combination that makes their (sometimes tedious) grooming needs completely worth the hassle.

4. Birman

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Considered one of the more people-oriented breeds, Birmans are good-natured fluff balls that crave companionship and cuddles (and are wonderful for families). The Cat Fancier’s Association agrees, saying, “Because the Birman is patient, even-tempered and tolerant, they make an excellent choice for families with children and/or other pets.” Sounds like a dream, right?

These felines are also cloaked in a bit of mystery because of their mystical origin story involving Myanmar, goddesses, and unending loyalty. Wherever they came from, this breed is good-natured to the bone.

5. Siamese

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For a sassier sort of friendly, all eyes are on the Siamese. They are known for their outgoing and spirited personalities and are generally able to get along with all kinds of people (and pets)—just like that friend you love bringing to parties because they can chat up anyone.

Just make sure you carve out plenty of time for these cats, as they don’t enjoy being left alone for too long. Or you could even consider getting another Siamese to keep them company!

6. Scottish Fold

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Looking for a kitty that’s a little out of the ordinary? The Scottish Fold is an adorable, affectionate breed that has an abundance of unique qualities that’ll keep you on your toes.

Not only are they friendly and happy, especially when they’re spending time with their favorite humans, but they have the cutest ears that fold over (the result of a spontaneous mutation) and large, round eyes that give them a teddy bear-like appearance.

7. Maine Coon

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The Maine Coon is a big kitty with an even bigger personality that is equally fond of snuggling and playtime.

These cats are native to America, and according to the CFA, they were first recognized as a specific breed in Maine (and they’re even the official cat of the state!).

Not only are they amicable to humans and animals alike, but they’re excellent mousers and they sport luxurious locks that’ll inspire you to pet them for hours—even if that means brushing for hours as well

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