Starving Dog Was Chained To Tree & Dumped, Thick Chain Cut Deep Into Her Flesh


Melody the Pit Bull was found chained to a pine tree in a neighborhood in Dover, Arkansas. Her family had moved away and abandoned her, and they had secured her to the tree with the help of a thick chain that was looped around her neck and sealed with a huge industrial padlock.


Source: Unchained Melody of NovaStar Rescue/Facebook


Some neighbors would throw crumbs at her for weeks, but they eventually gave a rescue call to “NovaStar Rescue”. When rescuers arrived, Melody was scared, shaking, growling, starving, and freezing. Her mental state was a traumatized mess, but the rescuers won her trust with chicken strips.

At the hospital, the vets had to sedate Melody to remove the chain and the padlock around her neck. But when they finally lifted the chain, they realized that the damage had already been done. The chain had gradually cut into the dog’s flesh, exposing her bones. Infections had also set in pretty bad.


Source: Unchained Melody of NovaStar Rescue/Facebook


For several weeks, Melody was a shell of a dog as she received treatment. But she gradually recovered and learned to embrace humans again. Soon, she was adopted by a loving local family!

It would seem like Melody’s troubles were over, but bad luck hit her again. Someone shot this gentle Pit Bull and pushed her to the brink of death again. The rescue stepped in and organized a fundraiser for Melody’s surgery. Thankfully, the community donated graciously and helped her recover.


Source: Unchained Melody of NovaStar Rescue/Facebook


This video was made when Melody’s new family surrendered the dog because they had to move away. The Pit Bull was close to being put down, but the rescue made this video as a plea to give Melody another chance.

A month after this video went viral, the shelter updated that Melody has been adopted by a kind family, and she will never have to worry about losing her home again. Poor Melody has endured enough troubles for a lifetime. We hope she finds lasting happiness this time around. Keep smiling, Melody!

Click the video below to watch how Melody rose above her series of bad luck days and kept smiling!

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

Source: Unchained Melody of NovaStar Rescue/Facebook

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