Serial Cat Fosterer Urges Everyone to Follow Her Example

Streets all over the world these days are literally full of strays. It’s a major global problem as there aren’t that many shelters to cover the number of stray cats. The good news is that there are many animal lovers willing to take strays in and care for them until they’re rehomed.

Helen Moore is a perfect example. A volunteer in the Blue Cross, Moore has fostered more than 300 cats and kittens over the years. That number is constantly climbing as she takes even more kitties to foster. Moore has recently urged others to do the same and help lessen the load of organizations such as the Blue Cross.

Right now, temporary foster homes are needed for dozens of cats and dogs. Other animals are also on the list, including hamsters and horses. Helen Moore first became a serial fosterer five years ago at the age of 43. She then took a 6-month-old kitty named Buddy that she nursed back to health before it found a new home.

She was quite fond of Buddy and started taking more strays in. “I simply love cats,” she says. By fostering, Moore feels that she’s making a real difference in the world. She notes that the experience is rewarding and urges everyone to follow in her footsteps.

Ready to become a cat fosterer? Blue Cross will provide any equipment if needed – all you need to do is bring good will with you.

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