His Bones Dissolved Away After Years Of Being Locked In A Dungeon And Starved


Rescuer Viktor Larkhill heard about a dog named Toby locked away in a cold and dingy dungeon for years. When he arrived at the filthy property, he could see cages lying around which indicated that the owner had been trapping and abusing dogs for a long time. When Viktor saw Toby, he instantly knew that the poor dog had been through hell.

Toby was sitting motionless on a bed as he watched Viktor approaching him. On the very first look at the furless dog, Viktor knew that the dog had severe mange and leishmaniasis. Poor Toby had forgotten how to be a dog, and he looked more like a hollow shell as a result of enduring years of pain and sickness.

Source: ViktorLarkhill/Rumble

Viktor took Toby to the hospital and it was found that the dog’s bones had dissolved away after years of neglect and malnutrition. The vets decided on an aggressive recovery plan to help Toby regain strength. The dog’s spirit was broken, but he began hoping for a better future for the first time in his life!

Source: ViktorLarkhill/Rumble

In this video, we see Toby’s miraculous transformation after 14 weeks of intensive care. His diseased skin is gone and he looks like a gorgeous pooch! However, the abusive spell has sadly taken a heavy toll on him. He still cannot walk due to the damage caused to his delicate bones. We hope he finds the help that he needs and recovers soon. Keep holding on, Toby!

Click the video below to watch Toby’s rescue from the horrifying dungeon and his transformation after 14 weeks!


Source: ViktorLarkhill/Rumble

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