Dog Takes The Wheel Of Tiny Human’s Car

I’m so confused. I thought “Driving Miss Daisy” was an Oscar-winning movie starring Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy. But if you watch the video below, you’ll agree that this title also fits footage of a dog driving her human around in a toy car. Just use “driving” as an adverb instead of a verb. That driving dog’s name is, obviously, Daisy, and her human brother’s name is Oliver. The car, to clarify, is really just a toy.

The toy convertible luckily supports both Daisy and her brother at the same time. Daisy, the Maltese/Chihuahua mix controls the wheel while Oliver just enjoys the ride. That’s the way she rolls. Daisy takes charge! This dynamic really works for them. Videographer Jessica Wolf wrote in a caption:

“Daisy loves to drive Oliver around in their car. Yes the car is a remote controlled car which I use to accelerate and stop (neither of them can reach the pedals… Haha)… Yes she is really steering it to the left. I steer it to the right… She steers back to the left!”

Wolf usually uploads dance videos to her channel, so I’m definitely grateful she strayed from that genre to show us this.

Jessica Wolf via YouTube

Nothing out of the ordinary here. Just two siblings taking a nice drive together! What a pro this dog is.

Supervised Driving

Jessica Wolf via YouTube

If you’re a parent, you might be clutching your chest with worry, but don’t. The car never leaves the driveway, and the minors were closely monitored by their mom the whole time. I suppose there’s some risk in damage to this luxury vehicle, which retails for an average of $200. That figure might depend on the size of your initial down payment though (kidding, of course.)

Jessica Wolf via YouTube

Daisy and Oliver won’t be about the same size for long, so it’s nice to have this adorable moment on film!

Watch the joy ride for yourself below:

Over 4.3 million people viewed this incredible footage. Or maybe many a handful of people watched it a million times like I’m about to do. Either way, it ranks high among the dog and kid videos of YouTube.

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Featured Image: Jessica Wolf via YouTube

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