8 of the Best Cat Breeds for Dog People

Do you fancy yourself a dog lover, through and through? Do you recoil at the mere thought of cat ownership? Or maybe you’ve been a dog parent for a while and your thinking of adding a cat to your family?

While many dog lovers dismiss cats as aloof and anti-social bores, we’re here to tell you this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a number of doglike cat breeds who turn feline stereotypes on their heads. 

Here are eight of the top cat breeds for dog people, so if you need convincing, take a look. One of these fabulous kitties is sure to charm your socks off with their offbeat canine characteristics.

1. Siamese cats

If you’re a fan of the way dogs crave human attention, you may want to take a look at the highly social Siamese. These affectionate cats are hugely interactive, making them ideal companions for anyone who doesn’t mind a little shadow following their every move. They’re not picky about their friend circle, either—Siamese cats enjoy the company of other cats, children, and even strangers.

Just like dogs, Siamese cats are highly trainable, and they can be taught to play fetch and even give high fives.

Not bad for a cat.

2. Bengal

No one ever said that Bengals were a low-maintenance breed. But for dog lovers, that’s kind of the point. This lively and exotic-looking cat has a magnetic energy, and he’ll keep you on your toes with his spirited hijinks. Bengals love to play, and they’re constantly on the move.

This breed also has a unique affinity for water, so it’s not unusual to find a Bengal splashing playfully in a sink or bathtub. These cats have been known to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood, as well.

One thing’s for sure—these cats are anything but boring.

3. Maine Coon 

The sweet disposition of these gentle giants has earned the breed their title, “dogs of the cat world.” Truly, the Maine coon is one the most doglike cat breeds you can find.

Dog lovers will be happy to learn that Maine coons enjoy exploring the outdoors. With patience and diligent training, you can stroll the neighborhood with your furry friend on a leash. (Really!) Maine coons are also strong swimmers, and they’ll be more cooperative at bath time than the average feline.

This is a cat who’s not shy about vocalizing his needs. If he wants your attention, he’ll let you know with his signature chirping “song”.

4. Abyssinian 

Aptly nicknamed the “Aby-silly-an,” this playful cat breed will have you doubled-over with laughter over his amusing tomfoolery. Abys are highly active cats, too, constantly climbing, jumping, and exploring their surroundings.

These extroverted cats exhibit a doglike attachment to their owners, preferring to be involved in all family activities. Left in solitude, an Abyssinian can suffer depression, so this is definitely a breed for people who can lavish their pets with attention.

Interested in a cat that you can enter in agility competitions? The Aby is a solid choice. According to Vetstreet, these cats are highly intelligent and can be successfully clicker-trained to perform tricks.

5. Burmese

 According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), Burmese cats exhibit puppy-like traits, including an aptitude for cuddling and a desire to be in the company of their owners as much as possible.

Endlessly curious, the Burmese likes to investigate their owner’s activities from a high vantage point—usually their owner’s shoulders. These feline athletes require a cat tree or multiple landing spots where they can safely jump to observe their environment.

These frisky kitties also have a humorous side, and they’ll turn the charm all the way up when they’re happily engaged with their owners. 

6. Savannah Cats

The lovely Savannah cat displays a wide range of doglike traits. For one thing, they’re fiercely loyal and attach strongly to their owners. Savannahs are also athletic adventure-seekers, adept at jumping and swimming. They can even be trained to walk outdoors on a leash!

7. Manx 

Best known for their tailless posterior, Manx cats are gentle, affectionate, and people-oriented. Fans of the breed love this cat for his many canine characteristics.

Playful and intelligent, these cats enjoy the challenge of learning new tricks. A Manx can often be found playing fetch or roaming the house with his favorite toy in his mouth. These friendly kitties thrive on human companionship, and they are unceasingly loyal to their favorite humans.

8. Siberian 

The Siberian is a breed with an adventurous, pioneering spirit, not often seen in cats. Agile and muscular, Siberians have a habit of getting into things, whether it’s scaling your bookshelves or rummaging through your cabinets.

For people who appreciate a pet’s ability to get along with anyone and everyone, the Siberian does not disappoint. They tend to easily befriend all household members, including children, dogs, and other cats. They’re also known for eagerly greeting you at the door after you’ve been away.

Even the most committed canine fanatic is likely to change his tune after meeting one of these doglike cats. Each of these breeds prove without a doubt that dogs aren’t the only creatures who can fill the role of “man’s best friend.”

Article From: www.rover.com