8 Long-Haired Cat Breeds Totally Worth the Fluff

When it comes to cats, coats can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer curly coats, luxurious fur, or long, silky strands, there’s just something about long-haired cats that add some extra flair to your household. From high-maintenance coats to low-maintenance locks, if you’ve got a soft spot for long, lush fur, check out these long-haired cat breeds.

1. Ragdoll

This breed didn’t earn the moniker “ragdoll” for nothing. Just like it sounds, these long-haired beauties are perfectly happy being carried around like a doll, even by the youngest pet lovers.

With a beautiful coat, sturdy features, and a loving, tolerant, laid-back personality, they are a great addition to any home. But be forewarned if you imagine yourself carrying around a ragdoll—these sweethearts can grow up to 20 pounds!

2.  Persian

The popular Persian—easily recognizable by that cute face—has a long, lush, flowing… and famously high-maintenance coat.

While these sweet, intelligent cats may need a little help with their bedhead after a long beauty rest, the extra attention to that coat is well worth the effort. These cuties love a quiet and predictable home and thrive in an indoor environment where that coat can be carefully maintained on a daily basis.

The number one tip for bringing a Persian kitten into your home? Get her used to the bath!

3. LaPerm

Like the name implies, the characteristically curly-coated long-haired LaPerm won’t have to worry about her coat lacking body. This coat coats can range anywhere from waves to ringlets, giving this breed a unique and recognizable look.

Planning to adopt a little LaPerm? Don’t be alarmed if she’s completely bald! That’s right, these kittens shed their entire coat at a young age before growing back those marvelous curls at around four months old.

In addition to having a beautiful and unique coat, these beauties are gentle, affectionate, and very active.

4. Maine Coon

One of the most popular long-haired cats, these gentle giants are known for their thick, lush, long coats. Don’t think that beautiful coat is just for looks though—it serves a purpose in the cold winters of New England.

Unlike some of the other long-haired cat breeds, Maine Coons are up for just about anything and prefer to spend time indoors and out (though indoors is way safer).

These guys have huge, fun-loving personalities, and bring just as many laughs as cuddles. Be forewarned—this is a very athletic cat, so don’t be surprised if you find some fur balls in strange places…like the top of your fridge!

5. Birman

The beautiful Birman is known for his sweetness and for beautiful lush coats that are surprisingly soft and low-maintenance.

With characteristic baby blues and gentle personalities, these guys are practically irresistible. Even better, these cats are known for being healthy and hardy and even thrive in families with kids.

Perhaps a little clingy by nature, you’ll never have to worry about doing your household chores without a buddy or sitting on your couch alone.

6. Norwegian Forest Cat

Also called the “Skogkatt,”,these (very) large cats have a semi-long coat that is more than meets the eye. Like the Maine Coon, their coat was made for long and harsh winters.

They have a “double coat,” which means that it has an insulating layer made of long and coarse outer hair and a waterproof layer that is thick and downy.

Adults can grow to about 16 pounds, and though they appear rugged and outdoorsy, they do love to stick near home and therefore make great companion pets.

7.  Siberian

Thought a double-coat was cool? How about a triple-coat? The Siberian cat has a unique three-layer insulated coat with a ruff around the neck and a fluffy tail that doubles as a personal paw and face warmer in cold weather.

Perhaps because they have such a resilient coat, Siberians are known for not minding water, and sometimes even play in water. This could be a very useful trait, as you may need to bathe your Siberian to keep that triple-coat in good condition.

These cats are large, taking up to five years to reach maturity.

8. Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk rex is a newly-recognized breed. In the cat world, “rex” means a tufted, long coat, but think “bad hair day.” These cuties are known for a tufted coat and even curly whiskers, that combine to give them a unique (and pretty irresistible) look.

While their coat may look coarse and unkempt, it is actually silky soft and plush. These guys are known for being healthy and sturdy, and with a personality that matches their coat, you’re sure to fall in love.

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