8 Jungles To Explore


Do you dream of adventure and wilderness? So discover 8 jungles where to play explorers!

The jungles and tropical forests have enough to fuel all our travel fantasies and dreams! Who has never wanted to become a fearless explorer after watching an adventure film? And who has never been dazzled by the images of a documentary in the middle of the jungle? The jungle is a legendary, wild and mysterious natural space! Make your way through thick vegetation, discover ancient temples, observe mountain gorillas or felines: they inevitably evoke extraordinary adventures! Do you want to become the hero of your own adventure? So, dive into the heart of one of these 8 magnificent tropical forests or jungles where explorers can play!

1. Australia

Located in North Australia, Kakadu National Park is a huge biodiverse nature reserve. It occupies a prestigious place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The park is home to nearly 2,000 plant and animal species.

You will also discover all kinds of landscapes: tropical forests, wetlands, meadows as well as beautiful rivers. You can especially observe crocodiles there. Some will probably want to meet you, so be careful! Amateur explorers will also be able to observe Aboriginal rock paintings dating from the prehistoric period on sites like Nourlangie, Nanguluwur or Ubirr! Since 1981, the park has been protected by a special status, granted because of its incredible geological diversity and its ancestral cultural heritage. If you are in Australia, do not miss this national park. It’s one of the most beautiful jungles to explore.

2. Malaysia

Still wanting to find some jungles to explore? So come and discover the oldest jungle in the world! You’ll find it in Malaysia, a lovely country in Southeast Asia. In the vast national park of Taman Negara, you will be able to visit an immense tropical forest which would have 130 million years! Located in the center of Peninsular Malaysia, this jungle is perfect for learning more about the rainforests and the ecosystems they support.

You can also do more sporting activities, such as canopy tree climbing or water excursions. The brave can also hike in the jungle and reach the summit of Mount Gunung Tahan. The latter is the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia. It is also the highest point of the Tenasserim chain, with its 2,187 meters above sea level! During your adventures, you will also be able to observe macaques, several species of birds and the impressive rafflesia flowers. The park is also home to tigers, an emblem of Malaysia.

3. Cambodia (Chi Phat)

Among the most beautiful jungles where to play the explorers, one obviously counts the ecotourism site of Chi Phat! It is located in the Krâvanh Mountains, the largest expanse of rainforest in Southeast Asia. The NGO “Wildlife Alliance” created it recently, in 2007, to provide local families with a stable income while promoting the natural wonders of the region to travelers. If you want to dive in the middle of nature and discover the local culture, you must absolutely visit this place!

Here you will find a wide choice of walks, on foot or by bike, on rugged trails in the rainforest. The whole is bathed in a dream setting. All along the way, you can admire the mountains, the mangrove or the wonderful waterfalls. If you are lucky, you can even observe elephants grazing! It should also be noted that the routes on foot or by bike vary from 12 kilometers to 42 kilometers. Some also include camping in the jungle and swimming in natural pools fed by waterfalls. As you can see, this jungle is perfect for playing explorers while supporting local people. Ecotourism lovers will love it!

4. Nepal

Known for its fantastic mountains and treks, Nepal is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for ecotourism. You will thus find in the south-central part of this country one of the best jungles where to play explorers! Located in the Terai Lowlands, Chitwan National Park is a preserved area known for its extraordinary biodiversity.

Rare mammals, such as the one-horned rhino or Bengal tigers, inhabit its thick forests and grassy plains. You can observe them on an excursion with local naturalist guides. In the Nepalese jungle, you have a 75% chance of spotting a tiger! And if you don’t come across them, you can still observe the many other endemic species: leopards, sloths and water buffaloes. Like the explorer that you are, you can also cross the Rapti River, where crocodiles splash, on a canoe dug in a trunk! Along your jungle trek, don’t forget to look up. Many species of birds also live in the park, including the amazing bicorn hornbill. Magnificent birds populate the trees and various species of the park. It would be a shame not to admire them!

5. Guatemala

In the Guatemalan jungle hides the ancient capital of the Maya: Tikal! This city demonstrates the architectural talents of this people. They have built sublime temples here. Going beyond the canopy, they offer an incredible view of the surrounding jungle. The site is so extraordinary that it has been listed as Unesco heritage since 1979.

Your journey through the jungle will allow you to observe the unique flora and fauna of this tropical forest ecosystem. If you are lucky or well guided, you can admire spider monkeys, jaguars, crocodiles, toucans and parrots.

6. Rwanda

The Volcanoes National Park is world famous for being the last mountain gorilla sanctuary! This endangered species is extremely protected. It was highlighted by the legendary zoologist Dian Fossey. This American primatologist notably founded the Karisoke Research Center. She is also the author of a memoir book, Gorillas in the mist, which was adapted for the cinema! The famous actress Sigourney Weaver plays the role of Dian Fossey in this film.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of this extraordinary zoologist, you can sign up for a guided tour of the park. On this occasion, you will be able to observe the population of gorillas still present, as well as some of the volcanoes of the Virunga mountains. Imagine diving into the mysterious thick forest and admiring these formidable creatures from afar! It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

7. Costa Rica

Known as one of the best destinations for ecotourism, Costa Rica is obviously home to one of the most beautiful jungles where to play explorers! Located 5 kilometers from the Arenal, an active volcano, the Mirador El Silencio reserve is a lush primary rainforest.

It contains ancestral trees like the Coulequin, the Ceiba and the Cecropia obtusifolia. The threatening presence of the volcano adds spice to this adventure. Because although he’s been asleep since 2010, he can explode at any time! This hike at the foot of the volcano, in the thick jungle, can only fulfill your desire for adventure and nature. And to reward yourself, you can always relax in the nearby hot springs after your trip.

8. Ecuador

When we talk about the best jungles to play explorers in, we obviously can’t fail to mention the most famous of them: the Amazon! This gigantic tropical forest invariably makes us think of fantastic adventures, lush flora and fauna and preserved ancient cultures.

Do you want to dive into the heart of the Amazon jungle? So we recommend that you discover Yasuni National Park, designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve! Located west of the Equator, you can spot famous rainforest species, such as monkeys and snakes, and lesser known ones, such as tapirs or ocelots.