7 of the Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Living

Some pets just don’t mix well with apartment living—and cats are no exception. Certain breeds (hello Bengals) are the feline version of the Energizer bunny, and consequently, may find that smaller spaces cramp their style. Other breeds can be fiercely independent creatures who crave solitude, which can be hard to come by in a smaller living space. 

Naturally, there are some cat breeds that are better suited to apartment-life than others. So if you’re itching to add a friendly feline to the mix, and you’re currently renting your space, consider one of these seven affable and lovely cat breeds. 

1. Persian 

Wildly popular (and for good reason), the gentle Persian is a great match for apartment life. If you enjoy entertaining friends at your pad, this easy-going cat will happily tolerate guests. Persians are also pro-nappers, earning them the apt nickname, “furniture with hair.” 

We’ve all heard how “curiosity killed the cat,” but PetMD tells us this is not the case for Persians, who are decidedly less inquisitive than most of their kitty comrades. Rather than climbing, jumping, or exploring your limited living quarters, a Persian will be content to spend his days lazing about. If a relaxed roommate is what you’re after, a Persian could be in your future. 

2. British Shorthair

Known to be on the quieter side, the dignified yet affectionate British shorthair is perfectly adaptable to apartment life. According to Vetstreet, these cats are pretty inactive, so you won’t need to worry about providing him a large space to run and play. That said, British shorthairs are intelligent creatures who experience the occasional burst of energy, so it’s a good idea to have several interactive toys and puzzle feeders handy.

3. Ragdoll

If your idea of the perfect evening consists of curling up with a relaxed lap cat and a good book, a Ragdoll could be the pet for you. These darling, mellow kitties have a habit of melting in blissful contentment in their owner’s arms—which explains how the breed got its name. Rather than scaling your bookshelves or poking around your cabinets, the moderately active Ragdoll prefers to spend his time lounging around with his favorite human.

Even if you spend the majority of your time at home, the close quarters won’t be an issue for the highly social Ragdoll. These “puppy-cats” tend to stay close, following their owners from room to room. 

4. Sphynx 

Prefer a hair-free apartment? Enter the unique-looking Sphynx cat—he may be bald, but to fans of this breed, he is beyond beautiful. And despite appearances, he’s still soft to the touch. 

Friendly and playful, a Sphynx thrives on human companionship. You can expect him to snuggle up to you every chance he gets, especially during cold spells. 

5. Birman

As Vetstreet points out, the calm and people-oriented Birman is adaptable to almost any living environment. Far from requiring loads of space to roam, the Birman just wants to be near his owners. These outgoing cats make friends easily, from small children to other pets (dogs included). And while friendly, Birmans aren’t impossibly demanding attention-seekers. You’ll be able to go about your day without interference from them. And when it’s high time for some cat cuddles, your Birman will be right there.

6. Russian Blue

If a clingy pet isn’t your style, take a look at the affectionate yet independent Russian blue. For the most part, these cats are quiet observers who are only moderately active. Russian blues are famously reserved and have an unhurried temperament, ideal for people who enjoy going through life at a more thoughtful, leisurely pace. 

7. Maine Coon

While he’s by far the largest cat breed on this list, the Maine coon could still find himself well-suited to apartment living. Appropriately called “gentle giants” of the cat world, these sluggers can reach a weight of 18 pounds! But don’t discount them as good apartment dwellers. Despite their size, Maine coons don’t require large spaces.

While they enjoy playtime, these cats are just as happy to spend their evenings relaxing with their favorite humans. If you share your space with children or another pet, don’t sweat it—the Maine coon gets along beautifully with everyone.

Nothing completes your home quite like the companionship of a sweet cat. There’s no reason why those of us who live in apartments can’t enjoy the divine pleasure of cat ownership. Just pay attention to a cat’s temperament and needs, and you’ll have a furry friend for life.

Article From: www.rover.com