Keanu Kitten the survivor

When he hides under a car

Keanu is a kitten rescued from a Belleville, NJ apartment complex that had many cats in it. The new manager doesn’t want cats so they immediately started to disappear. Some cats were poisoned while others were trapped in crawl spaces. Illegal traps were also used to capture hands. Also, kittens and cats saw injured.
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Keanu Kitten the survivor

Keanu opens his mouth

Keanu is a kitten which one of the maintenance men who work at the complex kicked really hard in his face. Within a few days, I was able to trap him. The little guy was clever and looked at the trap. He was taken to the vet who reported that his jaw is broken, he also had knocked out teeth, but luckily it does not interfere with his eating or drinking. Since he’s a kitten his jaw should be left to heal naturally, the vet agreed, and they’ll be watching him closely. He thrives! We called him after that animal-loving Keanu Reeves. He would be put on 11th-hour rescue for adoption, but I fell in love with this little boy! Keanu’s found his home forever!

Keanu at Vet office

Keanu is a true survivor!