Man Rents Out Billboard To Tell Everyone It’s His Dog’s Birthday

Man Rents Out Billboard To Tell Everyone It’s His Dog’s Birthday

Most of us want to give the best there is for our pets, particularly when this is a special occasion like their birthday. One guy went entirely out of his way for his first birthday to cheer up his dog and decided to rent out a whole billboard. After all, if it’s such a celebration why not let the entire world hear about it?

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YouTuber Maxx Chewning thought it was the perfect chance for his pooch buddy to go all out and spend some real dollars on a very special and very expensive treat. “I don’t even have a girlfriend so I don’t spend any money on it so why don’t I spend everything on my dog?”In a YouTube video, Chewning explained his reasoning.

For more information, ThreeTn reached out to Chewning and replied with specifics on his life and that of Dood. “After my entire life (29 years) living in Virginia, I picked up my business and moved halfway across the country to pursue bigger and better things in Texas,” he told us. “I knew I was able to get a best friend right with this new chapter in my life when I turned 30 years old. I looked for a breeder in Texas online and found one in a litter of 6 boys with 1 Goldendoodle left, “Maxx explained. He also stated that Dood was not chosen and that he was the only one left. “Dood was waiting for me to arrive and I knew he was fine as soon as I went in and saw him.”

Man Rents Out Billboard To Tell Everyone It’s His Dog’s Birthday

Maxx Chewning has determined that renting a billboard is one of the easiest ways to celebrate his dog’s first birthday

From start to finish, the man recorded the whole day to demonstrate how memorable it was not only for Dood but also for him. The duo began their day off with a healthy and energetic walk, followed by a weighing session (Dood’s 60 pounds!) crowned with a delicious Starbucks cappuccino. Puppuccino is a treat that Starbucks gives to four-legged mates of its customers and it’s just whipped cream, no coffee or tea or any of that jazz.

The pair then went to check out the great gift! When Chewning’s car rolled up to a local gas station, they saw a giant blue billboard appear. There was none other than Dood on that billboard, beside giant letters spelling out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOOD!!! Now we call that a surprise! While we have no doubt that Dood will appreciate the gesture, even Maxx himself states that dogs are sadly not able to read. Notwithstanding that, the billboard let the whole town know it was a celebration day!

Man Rents Out Billboard To Tell Everyone It’s His Dog’s Birthday

“Since I film my life on YouTube and everyone has seen Dood grow up from a puppy, I knew I wanted to go over the top with him turning 1 year old,” the man explained his choice.

“I walked into the office one day and asked my employee to find out how we can rent a billboard because I want the entire town to know it is his birthday. The billboard company had never heard of anything like this and they were excited for something creative/fun to be on their digital screen.” Maxx also revealed that they got Dood a custom cake, “He gets spoiled every day, so basically his birthday is all the time.”

Man Rents Out Billboard To Tell Everyone It’s His Dog’s Birthday

As for everyone’s reaction? “Everyone could not believe that I rented a billboard, and they all said they have never heard of anyone doing such an over-the-top type of gift for their dog. They also said it makes perfect sense because of how over the top my personality is,” Chewning detailed, “Dood was his normal jolly self, he also can’t read so I am not sure he knows what it said.”

Maxx says his YouTube channel is an avenue to share his lifestyle journey. “I share everything with my audience, including ups and downs of life, company, health, food and, of course, my dog,” he told us, “Dood has become such a star in my channel that people are really worried if he’s left out of a picture, haha.”


Man Rents Out Billboard To Tell Everyone It’s His Dog’s Birthday

For his special occasion, Dood also got a puppy cake as well as a trip to a pet store where he was allowed to pick out some toys and tasty treats. Chewning concluded the video with a touching montage of the first year of Dood’s life, from when Maxx got the pooch to the present day.

We look forward to what surprises Dood will be giving on the following birthdays!

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