Why Is My Cat Waiting By The Door When I Come Home?

Image by Westfale from Pixabay

Cats are well known for being independent pets, but that doesn’t mean that their owners don’t show affection or care. It all started with Central China’s agricultural boom when people began to see cats as useful animals— because they were great at controlling the rodents ‘ harm.

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Several years have passed and now a lot of cat lovers are around, and although these pets are considered cold-hearted, they do have their own way of showing affection.

We at ThreeTn have decided to find out why cats will learn when you arrive home. And we just wanted to share it with you.

They can hear you.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

It’s no wonder that your cat knows exactly when you’re about to enter your home, they have excellent ears, they’re able to detect a wide range of frequencies and hear higher-pitched sounds than humans and, indeed, most dogs.

So, they know when you park in your driveway or take the elevator, and they hear you. They associate that particular sound with your arrival over time and are prepared to say hi. And this takes us to the next explanation behind why your cat is waiting for you by the door when you get home.

They always know your routine.

Image by Ana_J from Pixabay

In addition to their ears, cats also have another trick that they use to figure out exactly when you come home. We have a good sense of time, which means cats will be able to figure out when you’re coming home in the day.

Routine is something that makes sense for them, it’s easy to follow along, and it helps cats to know the time of your arrival, particularly if you have a consistent schedule that they can understand and become used to.

Let’s say you’re coming home at 7 p.m. every day, your pet gets to know it and expects you to arrive by this time. This will not only work for your arrival, but they will also be able to follow a routine in many different aspects, especially if it involves their dinner time.

They want you.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Normally we give our pets attention or care when we get home, particularly if we’ve spent long hours away from them. Bringing this extra portion of love and care when you arrive home is absolutely normal and they love it.


They need food.

Image by Mimzy from Pixabay

Cats may have something else in their minds, like, food, besides being super-excited to spend some time with you. They’ve been a good boy or girl throughout the day and can’t wait to be treated with something delicious that you can only give them, so they’re waiting for you, so you don’t forget them.

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