Freezing cat saved in Fort Smith by an Animal Rescue

Freezing cat saved in Fort Smith by an Animal Rescue

FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — A cat found to be almost frozen has been saved by an animal rescue from Fort Smith.

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A deputy sheriff warns The Artemis Project Wednesday (Jan. 22) about a cat in desperate need to save.

“We have relationships with some of the deputies, some of the animal lovers, and asked if we could come take a look because he was in pretty bad shape,” said Jennifer Reddout of The Artemis Project.

As rescuers arrived at Fort Smith’s Ben Geren Park, they found a cat suffering from hypothermia and hind leg wounds.

“I don’t think he would have survived another day out here, not in the condition that he was in,” Reddout said.

Freezing cat saved in Fort Smith by an Animal Rescue

Fortunately, rescuers have been able to regain the cat’s body temperature and tend to its wounds.

The cat, dubbed Ben now, is on its way to recovery. However, the rescue still has other animals that need medical assistance.

“We have a lot of dogs that are getting heartworm treatment, we have had to take in a puppy that’s been attacked by a coyote, a cat that was found on the side of the road with terrible wounds. She had to have her tail amputated. We have had to amputate a leg on one of our cats as well,” said Mary Scott of The Artemis Project.

Animal advocates hope Ben’s story serves as a reminder to pet owners over the long, cold winter months to take extra care of furry family members.

“We need people to speak up when they see an animal’s been injured or cold and freezing,” Scott said. “We need things reported and we really just need community help with getting the animals the help they need.”

Freezing cat saved in Fort Smith by an Animal Rescue

The Artemis Project is heavily dependent on voluntary monetary donations to help certain animals. The shelter is also in desperate need of food, fosters, donations, and blankets.

Facebook fundraiser has been created to help the shelter with medical needs.

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