Video: $57K grant gives Sherwood’s Cat Adoption Team foster program a boost

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CAT has helped find homes for more than 50,000 cats since their opening in 1998.

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SHERWOOD, Ore. — The Cat Adoption Team (CAT) is having a financial boost in Sherwood, Oregon. The biggest cat-only shelter in the Pacific Northwest received a $57,000 grant from PetSmart charities to support activities related to cats and kittens being prepared for adoption.

“The best part of this work is having cats to go home to great families,” said Heather Svoboda, manager of communications and development.

At CAT, the goal is to find a loving home for each cat they take in. CAT has helped find homes for over 50,000 cats since they opened in 1998.

The $57,000 grant will cover preparation, equipment, and medical attention to support the kitten foster program of CAT.

This involves what is called baby bags for kitten. The name (and so are the bags) is cute, but they’re also important. May foster family is given a bag to take care of the kitten they help prepare for adoption.

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Every baby kitten bag is packed with kitten care necessary. From a scale everything to weigh the kitten to medication and more.

“You can see a range of items. We have a weighing scale for kittens. If there is some cleaning up to do, some baby wash clothing,” said Svoboda.

“I don’t know what we’d be doing without the baby boxes,” said Susan Callihan, a volunteer.

Callihan is among hundreds of volunteers working at CAT. Including childcare to fostering she deals with everything. She and her husband have actually fostered over 150 kittens since 2011.

“Some people say, ‘Oh, how can you let them go?’ And I say, ‘Because I know they’re going to another home and I can take in more.’ So, I get kittens all year round,” Callihan said.

The PetSmart Charities will not only support the adoption facility of CAT in Sherwood. Having six off-site sites will help.

Video: K grant gives Sherwood's Cat Adoption Team foster program a boost

“So, CAT has an off-site adoption center at our local PetSmart stores and local pet supply stores, veterinary clinics and now, Purrington’s Cat Lounge,” Svoboda said. “So, we have a lot of partners in the community who house our cats for adoptions and help us find them homes.”

According to Svoboda, these off-site facilities account for about 20 percent of their cat adoptions. This grant will help more of those precious felines find their homes forever.

“We meet some really amazing people who come in with huge hearts and help these cats find homes and that’s the most rewarding thing that we can do,” Svoboda said.


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