“Check out the new Kickass Calendar,” (14 Pics)

The classic story of the cop: a devious crime, a thorough investigation, an exciting high-speed chase, an intense interview, a flashing news conference as the police show off their spectacular bust. With the exception of this one, more drool, flying fur and a grotesque pile of bones are involved. That’s dog bones. I was approached by the Waterloo Region Police with a very special mission–to build a K9 kickass calendar to raise serious funds for the Ontario Special Olympics. I required the guns to be kept to a minimum and the donut jokes to be minimal, but apart from that, I was free to do what I wanted.

Sniff for clues, secure the scene. Captain on the front, maybe that’s the news!

Oh no! Let’s go out and pick her up. This is another Bone Snatcher incident!

Having a carte-blanche on an assignment is unusual, so I’m putting on my thinking cap.

I should keep things simple–a dozen pictures of’ hero dogs’ at locations around Waterloo, taken from below to make our K9s look powerful? Naah–it’s too easy! How about showcasing the unique talents of the dogs to track missing persons and suspects? Hmm get hotter. Maybe somehow I can get my dog in the pictures? True to character, perhaps she could be a criminal? Got it! Photograph classic police film scenes as a 12-picture story in which the dogs are the policemen and add as many amusing stereotypes as possible. Now it’s been a cool idea!

Picked up on the tape! Look at that, Chief. Zoom in closely, we saw the robber

The photos I wanted to create were really unique and I had to be sure I didn’t take too much time out of the high-demand police pups, so I had to plan these pictures out in a big way. My drawing skills do not compete with my photoshop skills, but I transformed hundreds of items into every month’s mockup with the help of Brooklyn 99 reruns, paying particular attention to perspective, narrative, and where each topic would be positioned. Because I specialize in photographing pets, I wanted to incorporate small jokes that dog owners would get–a police chase through a course of obedience, chewing pencils, barking a tree on a squirrel, hiding bones in a big hole.

We went off to the races with the rubber stamp of the Leader. Place searching, ads, and dog trick learning – I wanted those guilty eyes on the cue!

Commanding investigator, inquisitive detective, goofy desk officer, good cop, bad cop, and a pointing hot pursuit, excellent athletes and models were the K9 unit dogs and their trainers, pulling off complex gestures such as pros. From a pet store crime scene to cruising Waterloo Region in a retro car, this calendar tells the story of Ranger, Grim, Chase, and Tracker as they are trying to solve a case of stolen dog bones–with some support from their two-legged handlers. Please check the pictures below and buy your copy to help support the Special Olympics.

Thanks to everyone who helped me pull off this amazing project.

More info: jasonkb.com | wrps.on.ca

Gather around the room of the briefing, listen! You should wait for the snacks


We’ve got the lead! Let’s get dressed. Render this easy, no rest time!

Look here now, don’t let her run. If the Bone Bandit doesn’t hide her cache


Spotted chopper, it’s on the chase. Until she left, hot pursuit!


Paws on the tree, get out the ‘cuff!

try not to shed!


Good cop, bad cop, tough interrogation! At the station, Guilty Bone Bandit was questioned

We did it. Detective Tucker, don’t salivate!

YESS Bone Bandit busted justice restored!


Image Credit: Jasonkb.com


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