An Adorable Squirrel Rescued From Hurricane Isaac Can’t Sleep Without Her Teddy Bear and the Cuteness Is Overwhelming

Meet Jill–a rescue squirrel that’s 7 years old. The cutie was rescued in August 2012 from Hurricane Isaac, which washed ashore in Louisiana. Jill the Squirrel has its own Instagram account called This Girl Is A Squirrel with more than 630k worldwide followers. Her profile says she is a “vegetarian, parkour specialist whose vacuum is the only fear. But she adores every Starbucks napkin she meets. “Not only that, but she also has her own miniature teddy bear to hold anytime she approaches bedtime.

Jill is also potty-trained, and likes the camera’s style and posing. So, if you want Jill and her exciting life to post daily, make sure to follow her account to see all her adventures.

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