Photographer waiting to document the autumn idyll of squirrels bringing a groove over a lake

“The beautiful colors are what I love most about Autumn. I really like it when you can capture an animal with those colors in the background, “photographer Dick van Duijn told Bored Panda in an in-depth interview, during which he spoke about his newest sensational images in which squirrels play with nuts in the rain.

Van Duijn’s pictures capture the natural world’s hidden beauty, and his ability to take pictures of animals, particularly squirrels, is legendary. And again, with his amazing new squirrel photoshoots and magnificent animal pictures catching the spirit of Autumn, van Duijn is making headlines in newspapers.

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Photographer Dick van Duijn took some amazing squirrel shots

“I took pictures in a forest in the Netherlands last Monday,” van Duijn explained about his fantastic pictures of squirrels.

“I’ve been waiting from sunset until sunset, but I’ve been there for a lot more days to get this perfect shot clear and in beautiful light and Autumn colors,” he said of his commitment to catching the perfect photo collection. Open Next Page To Continue Reading…