Heartbroken dog searching for owner wants to dig in his grave

Dogs are loyal, that is not to be denied. So loyal, with unparalleled affection, they will always greet you and never leave your side – that is, if they have anything to do with it.

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So if something unusual happens that means you can’t spend time with them, they feel more heartbroken than you might expect for whatever amount of time.

This was demonstrated by one faithful dog in Fuping County in Shaanxi Province of China, who missed his late owner so much that he tried to dig into the tomb of the man after being taken to the graveyard.

The twelve-year-old pooch, nicknamed Huzi, would not stop digging into the tomb of the man and refused to leave. According to the daughter of the man, the animal also teared up.

Huzi was the deceased man’s long-term friend, nicknamed grandpa Wu, who recently died from a disease. The dog is now being cared for by the children of the pensioner, though his master has not been forgotten by Huzi.

His children captured the emotional footage when they took the dog to visit the grave of their uncle, with the daughter of grandpa Wu sharing the footage with Pear’s Chinese video news channel.

She said:

We went together to the tomb. A couple of times it walked around the tomb and lay there without moving. I saw it start to tear, and when we called it home it refused to leave.

Heartbroken dog searching for owner wants to dig in his gravePear Video

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