Kittens Care, Tips for Raising Kittens


Cats are one of the most famous pets that have slept with humans since ancient times, and we find that the vast group of families especially those with young children prefer to raise cats than any other type of animal, so we were keen in this article to provide some guidance for raising small cats.

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Information about kittens

Cats are classified as seniors, and cats have a small body compared to many other animals, but when looking at their appearance they have thick, soft-haired fur and a couple of short legs.

Cats have a strong sense of smell that enables them to smell food and their prey like mice from long distances, this is beside the sharp sense of sight that enables them to see things clearly, especially in the dark, and has a set of sharp claws that they hide under the furs of their legs and show them when they need them, Cats are the favorite son of many people, especially children.


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How to raise kittens

Raising kittens requires a lot of care and attention besides providing proper food and a place to live, especially if the cats are newborn, and it is worth noting that kittens cannot live far from their mother during the early days of their life, as the need for food is not the only reason for this, But keeping kittens biting them helps to regulate the body temperature, and the mother provides them with food according to a constant diet that no one can regulate, and when the cats reach about sixty days of age she can separate from her mother and just take care of her owner, as she needs a small amount of To care for her, catering is provided, and cat breeders need to follow up on the health status of the cats with the specialist doctor. Open Next Page To Continue Reading…


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