How to Earn your dog’s confidence.

Welcome to ThreeTn, we hope you like this article.We all love dogs and we hope to have a rescue dog one day, but the circumstances may not allow you to have a rescue dog maybe for some reason, but you might have the chance to raise a normal dog.

When we walk down the street and meet someone’s dog, we want to shake hands with him but the dog doesn’t react, we think he doesn’t like us, but we should stop looking at him with a human perspective, because dogs don’t have a firm rule about shaking hands with others, whether with other dogs. Or with humans, because the world of dogs is completely different from the world of humans.

The way people deal with the dog at the first meeting is very noisy. Think with me if you were a dog and then meet someone on the street, then he comes towards you and starts to reach out to your head and speak loudly, You will definitely not like it

Here are some tips that will enable you to gain your dog’s confidence, whether it’s an accidental meeting with your friend’s dog, or whether you want to bring a new dog to your home.

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Stay calm

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Image by Lenka Novotná from Pixabay

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