A British museum drapes its wildlife exhibits in black shrouds to highlight the crisis of extinction

Welcome to ThreeTn, we hope you like this article.If you’re hoping to have a good time exploring the natural world inside the Bristol Museum in the UK, your journey may open your eyes to a different reality than you’d expect. The World Wildlife Gallery hosts a full range of animal exhibits, including rhinoceros, tiger, giraffe, chimpanzee, and many other animals.

The World Wildlife Gallery 3

Except for Thursdays, the mummified animals, most of which are over 100 years old, will be displayed in a completely different way, with all exhibits covered with a black curtain to highlight the seriousness of the wildlife extinction crisis.

The order includes the coverage of one of the museum’s most prominent exhibits, the gorilla known as Alfred. The famous gorilla’s face was covered to remind visitors that gorillas in the western lowlands are at risk from illegal hunting, forest loss, and man-made diseases. The gorilla lived inside the Bristol Zoo from 1930 to 1948.Open Next Page To Continue Reading…