How to obedience train a puppy at home

The task of training a small puppy or dog to obey may seems difficult, but almost any dog can be trained to wait at the door or urinate outside the house instead of doing so inside the house. Schedule to feed the dog and get it out of the house. Then reward the dog with food and pampering when he pees in the designated place outside the house. If the dog pees at home, clean up what the dog did and stick to the plan, as punishing the dog will make him afraid of you . All you need to get your dog to adapt to life as a pet is patience and have a little sense of humor.

Part 1 Routine system planning

1 Get the dog out of the house repeatedly.

How to obedience train a puppy at home
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The most important thing you can do is to teach your dog to take care of himself outside the house. Although this may seem exaggerated, you have to get the dog out of the house as consistently as you can, and you should do it about every half hour. Stick to your schedule and try not to miss a single exit even.

  • If you’re training a small puppy, you should get the puppy out of the house more than usual. Small puppies have a small bladder, making them unable to hold urine for long periods.

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